To add the Tile Map Service to ArcGIS Online use the following steps:

  1. In a new browser window navigate to ArcGIS Online (
    1. Sign-in (or create an account) and navigate to My Content and click Create > Map
  2. Enter details about your New Map
  3. In the ArcGIS Web Map Viewer interface click Add > Add Layer from Web
  4. Select A Tile Layer from the service type options in the dropdown
    1. Copy the following URL (unique for this map) into the field:
  5. Optional: Setting map extent, to accurately zoom to the tile layer:
    1. Click SET TILE COVERAGE from the popup, go back to the Geoportal and view the map’s Details page and scroll to the Resource Identification Information section to show the Extent of the map for entering in ArcGIS Online.
    2. Copy the Extent values into the Set Extent popup:
      • West longitude > Left
      • East longitude > Right
      • North latitude > Top
      • South latitude > Bottom
    3. Click OK to close the popup
  6. Enter a Title and Credits for your map layer (you can always copy from the GeoPortal) and click the ADD LAYER button